Cats are using LANDR for banger mixes

When it comes to the last step of #audioproduction, Mastering is the last word & some productions end in this "fast food style mastering". Although the services of this site are good intention, it can also damage your hardworking production.

You Deserve more.

Let us use a real example. You mix a song for endless hours, tons of coffee or energy drinks are involved and just long nights editing that one song you really want to showcase. Once you upload to a given site the outcome is not close to your final expectations, 43 revisions later you found an OK result but never satisfied your goals.

Bass was not balanced, vocals crashing with guitars etc... A #masteringeng. is more than a guy with gear, it also brings knowledge to help your productions "sound like bangers"

This is what a website will not tell you:

  • If your mix have elements out of phase, It will not call you, it will export the problem just louder.

  • If your mix have problems with bass, it will apply the same preset no matter what. You'll get a louder problem.

  • If you need that little extra tweak in the mix that will ensure the best possible result, it will not text you.

Get your mixes the quality they deserve

At some point, you are mixing for the algorithm and not for you. And I truly think that's not what you really want. A good Mastering engineer is a person who helps you, not to make you sound awesome than what you are working on, but it can help you target problematic issues in your mixes so you feel more comfortable with your production.

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