How loud can you go?!

You’ve asked this question with worry that you are at “lower volume“ when you upload a new song then your competition, and the truth is that you may be overthinking this too much.

You have Googled, "How to get my song louder?", "What compressor or limiter will get you the loudest material?" but the reality is, the more effort you put into this, the more time you waste getting your song out there and enjoyed by listeners.


"Every recording has its loudness potential" Resource: iTunes Music- Mastering High-resolution Audio Delivery

Pushing things is unnatural and often at fail results. Some compositions are breathable than others and that is OK. what matters is that your song ROCKS and that people sing & love it. I like loud masters, not because of the competition but because I was raised in classical music, and listening to Fortissimo passages was always exciting in the concert halls. I remember I used to observe people's reactions while I was behind the stage or at the upper balconies.

Loud songs don't mean better. Your brain is perceiving a change and favors the attention whether you like what you are hearing or not. Often you will be slightly annoyed if the sound or song is not pleasant. The brain is complex at this task.


You can drive the boundaries of loudness, but when I listen to music with my girlfriend who enjoys music because of the lyrics or the rhythm. I notice she would adjust the volume because of excitement. When I explain what loudness war was, she found it silly. She did not care about a louder or a quiet song.

We overthink these too much. I don't spend time making a song louder. They just come out as part of an exciting song that I had the opportunity to work and took it to the next level.

"You are overthinking the loud part of making music..."

-Jesus Tossas

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