#2020 Vision (A decade of you)

There’s no question, reflecting about 2020 makes things interesting. It is an even number, psychologically speaking it is remarkably easy to see a new vision.

#2020 is not just the enthusiasm of a new year that lasts a couple of months. Similar to a child who receives a present and later you see it forgotten in a corner of the room with no more interest. It is a new decade that we can be part of. To make history.

This will only be real as you envision and plan according to your aims and mindset. Don’t let 2020 hype vanish in the new year trend, because after 2020 you have 9 more years.

9 more extra years to make and fulfill your goals, set standards and force a new perspective and practices.


Read the following quotes and think of them briefly “You remember in the 2020 this song” “Wow that song that was a hit in the early twenties” “The artist who made a banger in the twenties” “Yeah the song that was a hit in the late twenties” Now; think of this and the various expressions that relate these expressions and examine where you are in your carrier and goals. Be honest, always know where you are in the music industry. Rate, assess and make the significant changes and you will see that they will always be for the most part radical decision and movements that will guarantee the next step.

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