If is not ready, is not ready (don't release it)

That tittle can explain the whole post, but take 3 mins to read it.Just because you finish a song (structure-wise) doesn't mean is ready to go out. Put that song on hold and think what do you mean with that new song. Do you think is ready to be the anthem of someone?

Be the listener

Here's a way to see your music. The moment you publish a song with a given meaning, it could become the anthem of someone who wants to party, sing out loud a victory or perfect mood for cooking to friends.

Try this in that song your working right now; sit back and listen to the song as it doesn't belong to you and think how this song can influence someone. Because the moment you release it, is public and a listener can feel this song resonate with them.

If you think the song is missing something that can prevent someone to make it their anthem it's not ready, just work on that detail that takes it to the next level. There is no rush to release music. You have no competition, some compositions or lyric take time to be a powerful one

Luckily I know the 3 essential components to make that happen. Every Professional in the Music Industry will agree on this;

  • Lyric,

  • Song Arrangement

  • Quality of Performance.

We are emotional by nature, a powerful lyric make you sing out loud.

The perfect song arrangement will dictate the vibe, energy, and balance.

The quality of how you play any instrument will Mix the song itself.

You'll be impressed by how many people working as Audio Engineer don't listen to music.

I still listen to music, I get goosebumps when I listen to some songs that connect with me, I search for a specific track to make coffee or just before I get to work on your mixes. Sometimes I play songs just because I want to reassemble a moment to tune in the time. I was born around music, I am a musician and I am full of emotions just like you, and music is full of meaning weather is the messages, hang out with friends, or sit at the beach. You always have that song for every moment. What do you want people to listen to your song is what matter.

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