What makes a " good mix"

Some people have asked me what constitutes a "good mix" and to talk about that I would like to break it down in a couple of notes.


If you explore all the artist that you enjoy, they all should have some similar characteristics.

  • They work hard on their craft. They certainly practice the instrument or singing ability to perform their best.

  • They surround themselves with skilled musicians that can help them achieve production goals.

  • Some productions demand more time than others; each composition is unique and you’ll be surprised that some artist takes a long time to craft simply one song.

  • The creation is a work of art and all the instrumentation complements each other.

Invest in your skills

Music Production skills are like many other trades, it takes time and devotion to master any profession. For instance, I know some very good skilled woodcraft man guys in town. It takes time, extensive tool-set and experience to become a truly skilled Carpenter. Once you see them working, it just seems so easy and effortless, the way they execute their measurements, cutting and wood selection. The finish of their job is amazing and always goes beyond customer expectations. But it took him years to do the task in an effortless fashion.

Today you are exactly were you are supposed to be

One thing we have to keep in mind and it's not to fool our self, that causes uncertainty. If your mixes are lacking certain "quality" in contrast to other productions, don't rush yourself to get where others are, We are individuals who are capable to get more expert at anything with discipline and commitment. The reward is in the journey in many cases. that will yield better results!

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