Trusted engineers (the art of Relationship)

A trusted Mastering Engineer is not waiting on the next mix to critique lyrics, drum-fill, guitar solos or anything about the artist intentions. I am here to help you achieve a greater sound.


Mastering is the last step of the production and in most circumstances with small deadlines, it is our responsibility to make sure all the mixes are correctly prepared for distribution and satisfy artist intentions, plus make sure the artist, record label or Management get the expected files on time.

One Thing that can happen is miscommunication and interpretation. The wrong expression can ruin the entire release by creating insecurities or even further arguments between the group...

Trusted Engineer

Not everybody speaks the same way and certainly, don't listen to the same way either. A good Mastering guy not only has great tools and system to enhance your music but also communicate with the artist the best way. You'll be amazed how little is about the gear the conversation is and more about you as artist needs.

-wish is what really matters...

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