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Jesus Tossas giving a Mastering Workshop at River Bear Studios

April 22, 2017 Marks the day we did our first workshop! "Mastering Perspective in Music Production" by our own mastering engineer Jesus Tossas. This was intended to give music producers, artists and mix engineers a deeper understanding of what goes inside a mastering engineer's mind when he receives projects and what, in his opinion, can be perfected earlier on in the process.

We were lucky to have a good, engaging and diverse group of people attending the workshop that learned from us as much as we did from them. A vast majority of them being Full Sail students as well as local independent engineers and musicians, but all shared the same hunger and curiosity to learn and hear from a dedicated mastering engineer.

River Bear Studios workshop and classes

Questions were asked, answers were given, laughs were had, food was eaten and we are looking forwards to keep on sharing the knowledge we have acquired through out the years and keep on learning from the community and always paying it forward.

We like to stress that we are a community, we do not have secrets to hold back, we are not competing but encouraging team work as colleagues. We believe everyone is one of a kind and even with common techniques and gear we all achieve great unique results in their own right. Here at River Bear Studios, we will be giving back to our creative community here in Orlando, FL and even to the world, when the time is right, through our workshops and in person experiences. Keep on the look out for future workshop we will be hosting through out the year covering popular subjects we feel need to be covered and shared to our local artists, producers and engineers like tracking, producing with artists, mixing techniques, editing, mastering and even some photography, film and post production.

Bear Hugs to you all!

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