SEU Worship & Producer Michael Fatkin from Hillsong

We had the honor of having SEU Worship alongside Grammy Nominee producer Michael Fatkin (Hillsong, Hillsong Young & Free) at our facilities to work on some material for future releases. It truly was a humbling experience witnessing such gifted people create some amazing material with such inspiring performances.

David Cook (SEU Worship) and Michael Fatkin utilizing our Manley Labs Ref C through a Shadowhills Monogama and Burl B2 Bomber
Michael Fatkin working and comping some vocal takes

As soon as our desk and layout was customized and adjusted to Michael's workflow the session quickly started and was well on its way. The SEU Worship team were nailing take after take on their vocal parts and they were able to quickly move around through their vocalists and get the session going with upmost professionalism and charisma.

SEU Worship tracking vocals at River Bear Studios with Manley Ref C and Shadowhills Mono Gama
SEU Worship and Michael Fatkin at River Bear Studios
SEU Worship and Michael Fatkin at River Bear Studios

SEU Worship at River Bear Studios

After everything was done and everyone left, I was able to close up the studio and go home with a smile on my face knowing "today was a good day". We just had this great feeling that these songs were going to touch peoples lives, help someone through a rough time as well as uplift some in a good season.

River Bear Studios and Manley Ref C "Its a wrap"
SEU Worship and Michael Fatkin wrapping up at River Bear Studios

...and just like another day in the office, its a wrap.

Bear Hugs to you all!

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