Loyal Worship: an original worship group you need to experience

Loyal Worship is an Orlando based group and they are deserve more than just a listen, they are an experience. Dont expect a normal band or artist here, they strive for something else, something bigger and they reflect that in their live performances, especially on their genuine love for people and their desire for all to hear and experience their message.

Here at River Bear Studios we have been working with them through mixing and mastering and some some live drum recordings. They are producers at heart, they produce and record their own music and when it gets to our hands we polish, communicate what can be better, whats already good how to make even better and in specific scenarios record some key elements in our studio as well. We are always amazed at the quality track we receive from them and the thing that always stands out is the passion and delivery of the performances.

Here is the official lyric video for their first track "Rise"

Find "Rise" by Loyal Worship:



And their latest work "Fall"

Find "Fall" by Loyal Worship:



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