Free Mastering Sample​

What do you get for free:

  • Mix check-up before mastering.

  • Mix prep export tips.

  • Up to two revisions.

  • Various sample rates delivery.

Why a free sample? for me, creating relationships is essential and I want to get your business, not once, but through your carrier and that is what matters the most! Send me your song and I will send you a sample of it. Once you like how I improved your song, reach me and I will get your project finalized for delivery. 

Questions & Answers

How does payment works?

Very easy, after I send you a quote it will automatically show you the invoice and contract to be signed in that same stage you can use the secure platform of Paypal.

How do you send back mastered files?

Usually I use, but I can send files via Dropbox and host it for as long as you need in our secure account.

What files should I expect to receive?

Good question! You will receive a .zip file containing a PDF note of the various folders so you don't have to guess and or convert files. Essentially you'll receive a Video Version 24 bit-48 Hz, a Digital Distribution 16 bit- 44 Hz and an mp3, all in their respective folders clearly labeled.

Do you offer Master for iTunes MFIT?

Yes, River Bear Studios is certified listed to provide a version that meets MFIT standards, however most of my work is MFIT compliant.

Can I send a mix revision during mastering?

Yes you can, I can recall my processing to the exact way your project is, but 100% of the time before I work on a project, I offer a mix check to make sure we can avoid potential deadline delays in mix revs. This always turns out in a smooth turn around!

What about mastering revisions?

Another good questions. 97% of the time I don’t get revisions due to my constant customer service and listening to clients needs, but like any service provider. I offer a total of 2 *free* revisions, after that is $10.00 peer review.

Why don’t you list your gear?

While other facilities list every cable, connector and equipment, that doesn’t mean they either have it or is going to be used. And that is a rabbit hole that I won’t go true, I rather focus to offer a true honest service that is tailored and that my customers are happy with the outcome. To short answer this, I use analogue and digital processing that is easy to recall and turn out my projects fast. (If you see our stories and Jesus personal Instagram you can have a glimpse of what he uses.)

What is the turn around?

Depends on the amount of work at a given time, it should be fairly quick. The best way to know is to contact Us, however by the time you load your files we always ask deadlines so you are always taken in care.

If I am in Florida, can I assist a mastering session?

Our schedule is all over, but you can attend the session with prior schedule, Bare in mind that the environment acoustics may distract you to make a decision, so we strongly suggest that you listen to the masters in more than 2 speaker systems that you are totally familiar.

What is your privacy policy?

River Bear Studios is very proud of security and privacy! We understand that artist put their souls into the craft and we respect that! We never share files, show to friends or make social media post or stories with the music. We will however make a casual post Mentioning the artist but no music, unless the artist does it in their own account or permission.

What kind of file should I send you?

Excellent question! I only work with .wav files Ideally at the sample rate that your recrding/mixing was set at the beining. Most clients send me a 48Hz 24bit mixes. I do not accept mp3, as it is a version just for approvals and sharing. I will send you a pdf of how to prepare your mixes.

Do you work on full albums?

Yes, one of the most important task of a mastering enginner is to make sure that the whole album mantains the same aestechis and sonic quality.

CD's,Vynil and cassette?

Yes, yes and yes. in my questionner I ask all the necesary questions in order to get you all the services you need. Even thought CD production have declined, I still receive artist who wants a CD, I create a DDP file for you to send to duplication plant, this is an extra charge. Vynil, I will supply you a file version that will sound and have the sonic quality that a Vynil album deserve. Cassette: I love to work on cassette, I will make you a cassette master and send you a cassette. This is an extra charge.

Why do you offer a free sample of mastering?

To be honest, you can listen to all the talented and awesome artist I work with in our playlist. However, Every artist, song and production are so different from each other that I trully belive that listening your own material is the right way to make a true asessment of how I can dramatically impact your project. I will notify you with a download link for you to listen the sample, if you like it or would like to discuss some sonic qualities that you are looking for, you are more than welcome as this is all about communication.

What is your rate?

Every project is very different. Song quantity, project lenght, and other factors, The best way is to contact me true the form on the main page and describe your project and your budget.

What genre or styles do you work?

Mastering is about enhance the artist Creativity and communication in order to supply a final product and most of us can work on a wide variaty or genre. But seems like I get to work with indie music of all kind of deviations, Spanish, heavy rock and Hardcore music, worship, folk and world music. I love every artist I get to work with and that is how I like it, great music, awesome talented musicans and happy faces!

Is this an automated System?

No, I am a human beign that loves music. If you have question, or you are not sure about your mix, or you think your monitoring system is not in your favor. Call or text me! My process is to serve the music so your listener can enjoy your production! 407-906-6158

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